That meant cutting out a lot of middlemen in a very Cabo Verde Email List long chain. Rob Ternzi 10:51 The chain starts with the the cooperative. Then the second-level cooperative…central export and collector…shipper…importer…certification agency…another certification agency…and another certification agency…commodity traders and hedgers…the roaster…labeler…distributor…then on to the coffee shop or grocery store… Kathleen Schalch 11:02 And they got rid of all of it. Rob says roasting at origin was key. The process takes only 15 minutes, but that’s Cabo Verde Email List where the money is—where the price per pound can jump ten-fold. Rob 11:18 And so if we can extend the farmer’s relationship with their product through the end of it, Cabo Verde Email List they should be able to make more. Kathleen Schalch 11:29 There were swerves and false starts. Rob 11:31 We made a ton of mistakes along the way.

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Our original idea was to put these small ovens essentially Cabo Verde Email List on farms all over the Nicaraguan countryside and have each farmer kind of do it on their own. That was a nightmare for a variety of reasons, including food safety, consistency, product integrity—all those things. Kathleen Schalch 11:53 Rob and Noushin built one of the first small ovens on Mayra Velázquez’s farm. Mayra Velázquez 12:02 Well, we wanted to make an open roaster in the field. But Cabo Verde Email List it didn’t really work for us. All of us, Rob, Noushin and I, we all burned our hands. Kathleen Schalch 12:12 There were moments when Rob felt maybe what they were doing was a little crazy. Like when he and Noushin were out in the field shoveling horse manure to mix Cabo Verde Email List with cement to build the ovens. The farmer surprised them by demanding payment for the poop.

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Rob Terenzi 12:26 And so I remember saying like, wow Cabo Verde Email List, like I left a job where I was getting paid pretty well. And I’m now paying people to clean up their horse fields. Like, this is a real mind-shift! Kathleen Schalch 12:43 They gave up on individual roasting ovens, and instead built one central plant and imported a state-of-the-art roaster. That helped with quality Cabo Verde Email List control. But the whole idea of roasting at origin and then exporting was still fraught with risk. Peter Roberts 12:59 I heard about these folks that were roasting at origin. And I literally turned to my students and go, ‘That’s an example of what you don’t do.’ I said, ‘You can’t roast at origin Cabo Verde Email List.’ Kathleen Schalch 13:08 Coffee expert Peter Roberts says there was a reason no one was doing it: freshness.

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