Brand Architecture Then, Monaco Email List  the focus is on brand architecture, detailing what types of frameworks can be applied and the role of their extensions, as well as their importance and advantages . Module Monaco Email List Employer Branding Part of Branding’s job is also to promote your brand to those who are part of your company, a concept known as Employer Branding . In addition to the benefits of this idea, you’ll learn how to create your company’s hiring persona , find out how to build a value proposition for your employees and the metrics you need to assess. Module 6: Internal Branding In the sixth module, Internal Monaco Email List  Branding is the focus of the classes, presenting this concept better and reinforcing the importance of strengthening the brand internally within any company. Module  Monaco Email List Brand Perception Knowing what brand perception is is the theme of the seventh module, which will detail this concept.

How to Create a Email List

It will also present what are the contact points Monaco Email List  of a brand with its audience, the importance of brand consistency and what to do to improve it. Module  Monaco Email List Branding Metrics Finally, Paulino Sulz will show which are the most efficient ways to measure the Branding work and which are the attributes that contribute to the success of a brand. 03/30: Social Media Management Course Learning to manage your brand on social media is critical to strengthening your company’s digital Monaco Email List  presence, right? For this reason, Lisandra Muniz , Communication Manager at Rock Content, will lead the course with a 3-hour workload to teach you how to use these communication channels efficiently . Module 1: Strategies and Channels At the opening of the course, you will understand a little more about the Monaco Email List  history of social media, its importance for your brand and how to define the best channels and their strategies .

Email List Building – Overview

Listening to your Monaco Email List  audience Next, it’s time to understand the importance of providing quality service to your followers and how you can monitor that work. Module Monaco Email List  Becoming an Influencer Afterwards, the class focuses on the importance of becoming an influencer within your market segment, becoming a reference in the field. It also introduces, in practice, how you can do this. Module 4: Content Marketing and Social Media To make your social networks even more attractive, Content Marketing can be an important ally, offering relevant content to your followers Monaco Email List  — the theme of this module. Module 5: Understanding Today’s Biggest Social Media In the fifth module, Lizandra Muniz focuses her classes on detailing the characteristics Monaco Email List , functionalities, benefits and disadvantages of each of the social networks. Module 6: Social Media Metrics and Tools Finally, it’s time to find out what are the most efficient tools and metrics to optimize your social media management work .

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