He says they’ve been fortunate not to have had any Colombia Email Address recent bombings or kidnappings in their area, but they used to have plenty of other problems Yahaya 47:24 We had a big issue with cattle rustling—bandits would come at night and steal cattle from our farms. We also had a lot of gambling and drug use among our youth. But this has mostly stopped in the last six years because of . Jonathan Levine 47:40 Really, because of ? Yahaya 47:43 Colombia Email Address Well, maybe not all because of . But it was the lack of jobs that drove people to these kinds of menaces. And now families have a means to take care of themselves, and the youth are busy with their farm lives. Jonathan Levine 48:00 itself employs a staff of 3,000—many of them young Colombia Email Address people from the villages as field officers and other positions. They pay handsomely, says Halliru Sale, the Trust Group leader from .

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And that’s on top of the new farming opportunities for Colombia Email Address young people. Sale 48:16 You hardly see a youth anymore moving from the village to the city to look for work. has really helped to stop migration. And it helps to stop them from joining up with the bad people who commit atrocities. Jonathan Levine 48:31 If he’s right, that would be the best evidence of Colombia Email Address all that is on its way to creating jobs for the glut of unemployed youth in Nigeria, and building a better life for millions of subsistence farmers. Jonathan Levine 48:55 Glad you could join me today on the journey to Nigeria with . If you enjoyed this story, please give us a review Colombia Email Address or a rating on your favorite podcast app, and tell your friends.

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And if you have a comment or a question for the team at , we’d Colombia Email Address like to hear from you. Just go to ssir.org, click on this episode, “From Plow to Prosperity,” and find the comment link near the top of the page. In our next episode, the Northern Triangle countries of Latin America are some of the most violent in the world. And that violence can leave lasting trauma Colombia Email Address for children—and affect their development the rest of their lives. Celina de Sola 49:38 When you’re exposed to trauma, it does affect your ability to learn because you’re trying to survive. Jonathan Levine 49:44 Caring for the mental health of Latin America’s children. Colombia Email Address That’s next time on Uncharted Ground. This episode was written and produced by me. Jennifer Goren edited the story. Tina Tobey Mack edited and designed our sound.

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