On the other hand, health professionals Norway Email List’ concerns are focused on loneliness, a problem that has plagued the modern world for decades, and which is now contrasting with measures of distancing. Searches related to “loneliness” between January and March 2020 Searches related to “loneliness” between January and March 2020 If your blog works with publications related to behavior Norway Email List , coexistence and relationships, this is not only a content idea to work on during the Coronavirus crisis, it is also a very important gesture of support for your audience. 10. Spirituality and religious dates In times of such uncertainty, many people find relief in spirituality and, naturally, searches for content in this category will be very common. Searches related to “prayer” between January and March 2020 Searches Norway Email List  related to “prayer” between January and March 2020 We cannot forget that the month of April is marked by various religious celebrations. However, unlike in previous years, when masses, processions and cultural presentations gathered people from all over the country, in 2020, believers from around the world, Norway Email List  including Brazil, will be obliged to exercise their faith inside their homes.

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Necessary care when producing materials  Norway Email List during the crisis We understand that doing Marketing during such a stressful situation for the population raises fears. Therefore, before putting any content ideas into practice during the Coronavirus crisis Norway Email List , please pay attention to the following recommendations. Analyze people’s perceptions of the pandemic A survey carried out in March by the market intelligence company Kantar sought to understand the perception of Brazilian consumers about brands during the current health crisis. The results collected by 500 respondents help us to reflect on communication strategies at that time. Look: 80% defend that Norway Email List companies must communicate their efforts to face the pandemic , making it clear how they can be useful in this situation; 80% also agree that brands should avoid exploiting the scenario generated by Coronavirus to promote their image .

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25% of respondents believe that Norway Email List companies can set an example, promoting needed changes; 21% expect brands to help their consumers during the crisis period; 20% want organizations to face the pandemic head on and demonstrate that it can be defeated; 18% believe that companies will seek to explain and inform through content; 11% want managers to reduce anxiety and understand new consumer needs; 3% want entrepreneurs to Norway Email List  adopt an optimistic posture and seek unconventional solutions. Be even more careful with the language Getting the language right is critical for a content strategy to truly deliver results. Norway Email List  Now, however, given the seriousness that the crisis requires, we need to be even more cautious. People are very sensitized and any hint of contempt or irony in front of the situation can severely affect your brand’s reputation. exercise your empathy While data provides us with Norway Email List  valuable information, we cannot overlook empathy .

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