According to recent global research as part of Microsoft’s Work Trend Index , only 28% of organizations had a hybrid work policy by 2021. As a communication professional you can do something about that. You can see hybrid working as a fundamental change. Not one that you can just leave to the teams themselves if you want it to keep everyone involved throughout the organization and the collaboration continues to run smoothly. Good leadership is necessary for this. In his valuable article, Rik Mulder shares 5 other initiatives that you can get started with right away.

Hybrid Challenges

Bente Pieters also writes that since Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists corona, digitization in the workplace has particularly affected communication specialists. It is often their job to steer this in the right direction. In her article she identifies 5 trends in the field of internal communication . They each bring new challenges.

The 5 trends:

  1. Learning to communicate in the hybrid organization.
  2. Keeping employees engaged remains important.
  3. Focus on the employee experience.
  4. Communicate more often about digital security.
  5. Employees want and get more influence.

First of all, according to her, it is important that the communication flows are in order internally. We have now reached the point where all technology enables us to communicate with each other, 1-on-1 or in a group. Now it is time for the next step: namely that technology will also connect us more with each other. The target? The return of the all-important social lubricant that allows colleagues to come together to celebrate victories, vent frustration or just a silly joke. This is largely absent in the hybrid work situation. We no longer run into each other in the corridors. Technology must offer an alternative for this. Just as personal and accessible as addressing a colleague at the coffee machine. The work environment and resources can also contribute to an optimal employee experience. And information about how to keep it safe.

Chief and VP of Sales Marketing Email Lists

Proven success?

Once you’ve got everything up and running, don’t forget to measure whether your internal communication strategy is successful. Because measuring results is not always common for internal communication campaigns, but just as useful. How do you do that and when is it actually a success?

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