It can be a good choice to temporarily use your always-on campaigns for your campaigns around the holidays. You have already achieved a very good match with your target group, bidding strategy and performance in these campaigns. If you create a new Uganda Phone Number List campaign for a temporary promotion, the performance will probably be lower.

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So you still have to go through the learning curve to make the campaign profitable. And you simply don’t have that time since you want to catch up on the holidays. Also read: Optimizing your social media campaigns: keep experimenting If you are going to follow the holidays with always-on campaigns, change your current campaign.

Uganda Phone Number List
Uganda Phone Number List

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Especially if you use automated bidding strategies. Only adjust the message of your ads and the landing pages you use. Your keywords and target groups must remain as they are in order to achieve maximum return. There are several ways to get involved with ads: In Google Ads, you can use a count-down timer in your ads. Think of ‘2 more days and 1 hour of unique Christmas offers’.


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