For example, for the supply of medicines, consumer goods, or essential product components. That is why many companies are reorganizing their supply chains and arranging production closer to home. ‘Just in time’ sounds good, but in case of calamities, you quickly have a shortage. This is in line with the trend to make production more flexible and more Sweden Phone Number List sustainable by bringing it closer to the customer. Due to robotization and Asia becoming more expensive,’ production nearby’ is becoming more profitable for more and more companies and outsourcing.

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That is becoming more expensive offers less advantage. Reshoring is a trend that will continue in the coming years. Global and local Globalization does not stop but is adjusting. Supply chains are being redesigned with a special focus on buffer stocks and the centralization of strategic goods procurement. The time of the cold war is coming back in which countries and companies keep strategic stocks in different places. Think of oil and gas supplies or respiratory equipment for hospitals.

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For example, the cabinet wants to create a national care reserve with about 2000 care reservists, for emergency aid in the event of the next pandemic. The additional costs will be borne by consumers and citizens. Think global, act local is the motto here, with more attention for local suppliers and local products. The AI ​​Revolution Great Revolution All visionaries and thinkers agree: artificial intelligence (AI) will cause a major revolution in almost all sectors.

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