In the left corner the text editor Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List  appears where you can change the font style, size and color. The More tab shows additional features. In the right corner a features editor appears where you can add animations, effects and actions: 08 – Text editor We will now add text to our image and change the size Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List and color. You can change the group size of the text box by single clicking on the text and dragging either of the corners. Step five – create contrast This is the stage where we need to edit the photo to make your text stand out. Double click on the photo and the background photo editor will appear, top left. The easiest way to make your text stand out is to change the opacity of the photo slightly. Below we have Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List changed the opacity from 100% down to 80% and added a minor yellow tinge to the photo of daisies: 09 – Change the opacity Now the text on the photo stands out and can be read.

How to Find a Caller’s Name From a Phone Number

If you prefer not to edit the photo you can insert a graphic of a square/rectangle behind the text box. Head to Graphics → Lines & Shapes then select the shape you require: 10 – Add a shape Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List to your image Next drag the corners to resize the shape and select the color you wish the shape to be. Once you’ve done this you’ll need to change the arrangement because when you drag a new element onto the canvas it will automatically appear on top of all others. Simply click on the shape and click on the Arrange button on the editor: 11 – Change the arrangement of the shape Once you’ve Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List arranged your graphic behind your text box, the next step is to change the opacity and add a border if you wish. Click on the graphic and head top right to Effects: 12 – Add effects to shape Step six – preview and download Our picture is now complete. If you Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List have added animation you can preview

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