Understanding Google’s algorithm is one of the great challenges of SEO Thailand Phone Number List . There is no shortage of professionals trying to unravel its operation. Meanwhile, Google is keeping the secrets of ranking on SERP, the search results page, under lock and key. Why does the search engine place one site in the top position over others? How does he make that judgment? What factors really Thailand Phone Number List  matter to improve placement? Answering these questions is the way for brands to design their optimization strategies and gain more visibility and organic traffic in the top places of search . Now, if you’re also struggling to answer these questions, we’ll help. In this article you will see: How does Google’s algorithm work? What were the main Google algorithm updates? How to conquer Google’s algorithm in Thailand Phone Number List Follow it now to learn all about Google’s algorithm. How does Google’s algorithm work? Google’s algorithm is a set of operations that define how search results will be presented to users .

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To understand how it works, let’s explain how Thailand Phone Number List  it all started. Once upon a time the web. An inhospitable place, with only a few lost sites and botched GIFs. However, it wouldn’t take long for this place to be occupied by hundreds of pages and  Thailand Phone Number List Internet users in search of lots of information and entertainment. To make life easier for those who arrived in this new world, search engines emerged, with algorithms specialized in indexing and organizing web pages. google home page in the old days Source: The Telegraph Thailand Phone Number List  With them, it was easier to find anything among a multitude of contents that were beginning to populate the internet. However, it was not all wonderful. The algorithms were still based on simple formulas for ranking. Therefore, you didn’t need to be an expert to take advantage of them and conquer the best positions Thailand Phone Number List . Everything was worth it to gain more visibility and clicks ! Thus appeared the black hat , the great enemy of Google.

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To save the quality of the user experience Thailand Phone Number List, then, search engines started to wage a battle against the internet villains. Thus, algorithms became increasingly complex to block bad practices and, at the same time, value the sites that delivered the best results to users. This little story about the beginnings of SEO helps explain the great purpose of the Google algorithm: Thailand Phone Number List to improve the search experience and navigation. It is for this purpose that the algorithm works. It serves to discover, understand and organize all internet content in order to deliver the best responses to users’ surveys . Search engines, in short, are machines specialized in answering users’ queries. So, the Thailand Phone Number List  best result is the one that brings the best response, which is not only in the content that the page delivers, but also in the quality of the browsing experience. To arrive at the ideal results, Google takes a path that starts long before the user types their search in the search engine. In this video, you can see Thailand Phone Number List  Google’s explanation of how this happens. Next, let’s go into a little more detail about this process.

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