So let’s understand some of them? Japan Phone Number List  Check out the list! Discovery and tracking One of Bingbot’s great differentials is the work of tracking and discovering new content. In total, there are about 70 billion new URLs found by the robot and, only after all the pages are verified, are they defined as relevant or not. In this process Japan Phone Number List , the organization of the sites is considered, as well as the quality of the content. pre-filtering content To prevent users from having a search with unsatisfactory Japan Phone Number List  results, Bingbot does a kind of pre-filter. This way, pages that look like spam, duplicated or not considered relevant are not even indexed by the robot. All this to ensure that the search performed results in useful content. Bingbot Memory Another differential is Bingbot’s memory, which stores all visited URLs and regularly performs new searches on the addresses. Thus, even pages without links or  Japan Phone Number List removed are checked again by the bot.

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The goal is to keep an eye out for URLs that may be Japan Phone Number List  “respawned”, such as domains that were down or that have changed ownership, or even broken links that have been fixed. Why is understanding Bingbot important? A lot of people wonder about the reasons to invest time and resources in SEO strategies for Bing. The main one is the exclusive audience that the search engine Japan Phone Number List  guarantees. For example, 72% of Bing searches for finance and business are made by users who aren’t on Google or other search engines, according to a survey by comScore . The same study reveals yet another interesting factor, especially in a period marked by the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets. Of all mobile searches performed on Bing, 70% of them are from Apple ‘s iOS operating system . If we take into Japan Phone Number List  account that there are more than 900 million iPhones working worldwide.

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how can we ignore this audience Japan Phone Number List  Therefore, understanding the criteria used by Bingbot is a fundamental step for a more complete SEO work in Microsoft’s search engine. Allowing the robot to index your pages can guarantee, for example, the greatest reach of your content, creating new business possibilities even in a highly competitive scenario. Bingbot is therefore an important factor to consider when looking for Japan Phone Number List  better placement on Bing results pages. Even though it is not the most used search engine, it is essential to promote organically also to an exclusive audience present in the Microsoft mechanism, further strengthening your brand. To be able to do a good job of SEO for Bing, it is necessary to know better Japan Phone Number List  the algorithm used by Microsoft, right? But on a day-to-day basis, do you really know how to make the most of your strategies when searching for better placement in any search engine? Then check out the webinar on SEO in practice with Vitor Peçanha , our co-founder.

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