we have prepared a basic SEO checklist with Colombia Email Address  the items that cannot be missing from your strategy: create a blog : blogs are essential to generate traffic and start a relationship with your audience; HTTPS : SSL protocol ensures that information provided on your site is encrypted and is a Google ranking criterion; Friendly URLs : sitemap : your site needs a sitemap to optimize Colombia Email Address  search engine indexing; Google Search Console : Google’s platform helps identify errors and monitor an SEO strategy; meta descriptions : although not a strong ranking factor, meta descriptions complement titles and help attract visitors; heading tags : it is essential that the titles of your articles are configured with the H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags; image optimization : it is important that your images are light and Colombia Email Address  have the “alt text” attribute; Mobile SEO : your website must be responsive and aligned with Mobile Friendly and Mobile First Index rules; Speed ​​optimizations  Colombia Email Address : data compression, redirect correction and other actions to speed up page loading.

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Content marketing for healthcare: understand how Colombia Email Address to do it Content marketing for healthcare: understand how to do it How does Google “see” health sites and content? YMYL (Your Money or Your Life, or your money or your life) pages are pages whose content is capable of impacting the future happiness, financial stability, safety or health of users. This classification is adopted by  Colombia Email Address Google to increase the rigor in the evaluation of sites that work with content considered sensitive. Pages that present official, financial, legal and medical information are generally “fitted” in this group and, therefore, require a little more care in content production and optimization. Colombia Email Address  In general, what the great search engine expects from these sites is that they are reliable and also capable of transmitting security to users . In this sense, the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust, or expertise, authority and credibility) attributes , assessment guidelines published by Google experts to rank better, should be our horizon at all stages of an SEO work on health sites .

Google doesn’t cite details about

how this “audit” is performed by Colombia Email Address  its algorithm. Therefore, it is common to have different opinions among marketers in this regard, although they all point in the same direction. However, analyzing the characteristics and performance of the main health portals today, we can understand these attributes as follows. EAT diagram Expertise As YMYL pages deal  Colombia Email Address with information that can affect people’s lives, Google understands that they must be produced by competent people, such as authorities, professionals or experts in the field . But don’t misunderstand; this is not to say that all articles on your blog should be written by doctors or nutritionists, for example. This should only be a rule for the main pages of your site, those that present broader, more detailed or technical information Colombia Email Address . Authority This attribute takes into account the authority of the organization that the expert author represents — on professionals’ websites, the doctor’s credentials can also be analyzed from a business point of view (service provision).

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